How to prevent Maskne


Today we are going to talk about maskne. 

Without a doubt at some point we have experienced issues wearing a face mask for the entire day, that can cause your skin to unexpectedly break out around your nose, cheeks and your chin, so what exactly causes maskne? well maskne is caused by the constant friction on your skin, where the pores are being trapped by sweat, oil and the bacteria that sits on the skin under the mask.

But fear not, don't worry you are not alone, there are some helpful tips I can recommend in helping combating and preventing this, we are all in this together remember :)


Cleanse your face (twice a day)

The first step is, it's essential to throughly cleanse your skin everyday this includes morning and night and to use a gentle PH cleanser, you also might want to double cleanse if you have been wearing sunscreen/makeup for the day, if your skin is feeling irritated 

Keep your skin hydrated 

Keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day helps to poorest your skin's barrier if it gets easily irritated due to the friction of the mask on your skin.